7 Sustainable Packaging Ideas for 2022

Consumers are now more conscious of the implications of their buying decisions to the environment. A report from IBM showed that six out of ten consumers are willing to adopt environmentally-friendly shopping habits which implies the rising significance of sustainability today. Others emphasize sustainability and are ready to spend more to support environmentally responsible brands.

This consumer attitude towards sustainability drives brand choices and encourages many businesses to adopt sustainable practices. Companies have delved deeper into many ways to address this rising trend, including environmentally-friendly wrapping like paper food packaging.

Most sustainable packaging is made from renewable or recycled materials and uses clean production technologies. Some examples of sustainable packaging include brown paper bags and food containers made from recyclable kraft paper. Consumers can benefit from green packaging to ensure their safety and health.

Minimalist packaging, which only uses one or two materials, is a sustainable packaging option. Minimalist packaging does not include distracting graphics. Minimalist packaging is simple and allows brands to communicate compelling brand messages to their customers. Kraft paper is often used in minimalist green packaging, particularly for food and beverages. An example of green packaging includes using a kraft paper bowl to serve food.

Returnable packaging is another sustainable packaging option that benefits both customers and businesses. It is a traditional business practice that enables consumers to return product packaging to be reused. Many companies offer incentives to customers who return containers and packages.

Plantable packaging is another sustainable packaging idea that enterprises can consider as an option. Continuous technological advances make it possible for enterprises to make more sustainable choices that would benefit everyone in the long run. Plantable packaging, for example, has seeds in it, and when it is buried, the packaging decomposes and exposes the seeds to the soil. It is a zero-waste option that empowers customers to participate in green practices.

For more details about different sustainable packaging ideas for 2022, here is an infographic from Bagitan Packaging.


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