Fries Before Guys: They Go with Every Dish! 

There’s no doubt that French fries are popular all over the world. When you head to a fast-food chain, most of them have combos with fries. Whether it’s burgers, fried fish, fried chicken, or cutlets, fries go really well with everything on the menu. 

Let’s not forget that fries are a hero dish – even if you don’t order burgers and pizzas, you can still enjoy them with some soda or fizzy drink. 

You can’t just have one and forget about them. When someone offers you fries, you probably take more than 10 fries in one go. 

Fries are a favorite among many and we are not finding it hard to find an apt reason. 

Here’s a quick post that talks about fries and why they are loved by one and all. Let’s dive into the article! 

Fries are versatile – eat them with anything you desire

Whether it’s hot dogs, burgers, sandwiches, or fish fry, you can enjoy fries with anything and everything. 

It tastes supremely good with most of the main dishes. 

Everyone knows about fish and chips – the latter is nothing but potato fries. 

A simple dish like fries can elevate anything on the plate. From fish fry to chicken fry, Belgian fries can go with anything and that’s why people love it. 

Fries go with multiple sauces too! 

Pair up the fries with some mustard sauce, mayonnaise, ketchup, or tartar. It goes with any dip! There are some special Belgian fries places that make homemade sauces too. 

Of course, you can eat it as it is, but it tastes way good with some dip. 

Try out the Speciality Belgian Fries – You will start believing in miracles! 

When you try out the Belgian fries, you are able to appreciate the beauty of hand-cut potatoes. 

Food hot spots like Frite Alors cut the potatoes by hand and fry them beautifully. The fries are not soggy – they are crispy and hot. It is best served hot and fresh! It goes beautifully with homemade sauces. 

You don’t have to settle for soggy fries that taste chewy and cardboard-like after some time. With Belgian fries, you will get a wonderful texture on the outside and a gooey and soft inside. 

Concluding Thoughts 

All you have to do is call the Frite Alors outlet and order your fries with some hot dogs and burgers. 

Your weekend is sorted with Belgian fries and some yum-yum fast-food dishes. Consider getting a crate of beer too! 

By Leo Patton

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