How To Enjoy Your Welsh Gin

Appreciating the local botanicals and flavours, there is a plethora of beautifully crafted Welsh gin. Now a thriving industry in Wales, the range and quality of Welsh gin has skyrocketed in recent years. From locally sourced botanicals and an experiment of flavours carried, there have been a unique range of gin releases and several which are award-winning. Plus, with beautifully designed bottles, they will make a great display piece in your home.


Rhubarb & Ginger 

Think about the warming, cosy flavours of rhubarb and ginger crumble, and put that in a bottle of gin. Well, the rhubarb and ginger gin by Aber Falls provides just that alongside hints of spicy ginger. Leaving a warming sensation, enjoy on ice or serve in a cocktail of your choice.

Gingerbread Gin Liqueur

Get in with the festivities early with the gingerbread gin liqueur, perfect for sipping or mixing to experiment with an aroma of flavours. With a warmth of cinnamon and sweet vanilla, this gin also leads with a mixture of ginger and aromas of honey before leaving a creamy finish.


Not a sweet gin fan? What about a savoury gin? There are also savoury options of gins available, such as a seaweed which is designed to complement seafood.



For a touch of sweetness, try a bramble containing gin, lemon juice and sugar syrup over a glass of crushed ice. With a range of liqueurs available, perhaps try with blackberry or raspberry liqueur.


A classic, the gin martini. With only two ingredients, it’s a simple and easy way to enjoy your gin on an evening or celebrating with friends and family. All you need is gin and dry vermouth, plus a couple of olives on a stick to display, if you’re feeling fancy of course. For an extra tip, place your glass in the fridge to chill for 10 minutes, before pouring your martini and later serving.

Classic Negroni

A little red drink with a touch of citrus flavour. The recipe consists of gin, sweet vermouth and campari served over ice with a slice of orange peel on the glass lip. Glowing like an evening sunset, the mix of ingredients creates a strong and bitter taste, with highlights of sweetness of the orange.

Fancy A Dessert?

Gin & Tonic Cheesecake

Combine your favourite gin cocktail with a classic cheesecake recipe, with a touch of lemon zing. Cake, gin and double cream, what more could you want from your next baking project. Perfect for your next birthday or dinner party celebrations, pair with shavings of lemon on top to build a fresh citrus treat.

Strawberry Gin Trifle

Fresh strawberries, vanilla custard and a splash of gin. The perfect dessert showstopper and party display piece. This fresh and fruity dessert will leave you with a sweet treat to enjoy.


By Michael Willey
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