How to introduce cotton candy machine rental in your event?

The colors of cotton candy can fascinate anyone and make a long queue at the cotton candy corner. Other than kids, even adults don’t wish to miss the chance of relishing the taste of cotton candy. A cotton candy rental is the best party idea for any happy occasion. The soft and colorful looks make it edible for all age groups. Thus, it is one of the highlights of many private events.

Look for options like the Sizzle cotton candy machine rental if you want no compromise on taste and quality. Their machines are so simple to install that you can operate it too! As the machine heats up, the head starts spinning giving you the desired quantity of cotton candy.

How to introduce cotton candy machine rental in your event?

This can be one of the best desserts or binging snack in your event. You would notice most kids roaming around the cotton candy corner. A selfie booth with cotton candy background and a cotton candy machine holding lots of sweet and sugary cotton can add colors to any picture and make it a perfect click!

Any cotton candy machine rental comes with an instruction manual and set of instructions. You must check if the machine is clean before using it. Here are a few things you must know before introducing the cotton candy machine rental in your party…

  • Quantity of sugar needed for cotton candy:

On an average, ½ gallon carton of sugar makes about 60 to 70 servings in a party. The quantity may vary as per the size of cotton candy. Some people make bigger cones from the sugar and so the machine may need more sugar to suffice the servings.

  • Cost of cotton candy machine rental:

Typically, cotton candy machine rentals are charged per day basis which is about $60 per day. The rental cost is only for the machine. Thus, you will have to pay for the sugar separately as per your requirement.

  • Flavors of cotton candy:

Keep in mind the flavors of cotton candy you would like to introduce in your party. Although most kids love the classic pink color, you can introduce other colors to add fun. A few more flavors in cotton candy are Blue Raspberry, Grape, Cherry, and Pink Vanilla. These colors go well with the unicorn theme.

If you have any other questions in mind on Cotton Candy rental, contact your nearest dealer and arrange for a meet. 

By Clare Louise
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