Pop Up Cafés: Everything You Need to Know

Now, they are much more popular as people love taking pictures with them and uploading them on social media. Pop-up cafes have a raw but beautiful touch to them which is what makes them so lovely. 

Pop-up cafés are also a great way of entering a startup into the realm of hospitality. Notable entrepreneurs like Jason Atherton, Camille Becerra, and others have popularized pop-up cafés to the next level. 

If you are in Montreal, you can have your own pop-up café for rent. You can rent Café Malté saint-henri and have wonderful on-site special functions and corporate events. 

The Basics of Pop-up Cafés

Pop-up cafés are popular for their simple but appealing designs. Chefs find them a great way of showcasing their talents. People love starting with pop-up cafés so that they can attract investors for future restaurants. 

They are more than just mini-restaurants because you can use them in your special, commercial, and fundraiser events. Pop-up cafés usually offer good food at affordable prices, which is what draws people towards them. 

Three Things that Make Pop-up Cafés Special 

  • Pop-up Cafés are incredibly easy to install

Pop-up cafés are anytime-anywhere-restaurants. You can open them anywhere you want, and you wouldn’t need a large space for them. 

You just need a small space where you can install them. People have installed pop-up cafes on rooftops, gardens, warehouses, old barns, and roadsides, just to mention a few places.

  • Pop-Up Cafés Are Inexpensive

Since you don’t need brick-and-mortar for pop-up cafes, they are incredibly inexpensive. You can have one of your own for just a few thousand dollars. Also, you can make them in any size, whatever your budget allows. 

  • Pop-up Cafés don’t have a time limit

You don’t need to worry about pop-up cafés because you can treat them as a temporary alternative to a future restaurant. Perhaps when you build your restaurant, you can still find a way to incorporate it there. Also, you can rent them to other people for events such as fundraisers. 


Pop-up cafés are temporary mini-restaurants that you can operate from your home and restaurant. You can use pop-up cafes during festivals, and that would absolutely quadruple their joy. 

They might seem like a new phenomenon, but they have been popular since the 2000s and have been present since the 1960s. Britain and Australia were the first ones to introduce pop-up cafés. Pop-up cafés are a great alternative to restaurants and a great way of entering the business as a startup. 

By Michael Willey

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