The Best Side Dishes You Must Order with Pizza 

Pizzas have the power to bring a 1000-watt smile to your face. There are very few people who don’t enjoy pizzas. If you’re not one of them, this article is helpful for you. We’re sure you have had times when you were confused as to what side dishes you should order. 

Pizzas are good as a whole meal, but there are some side dishes that go with it. Since you’re here, we have some suggestions for you. 

Here’s an article that sheds light on the best side dishes you must order with pizza. Let’s dive right in! 

#1 French fries 

Scream for French fries! They’re finger-licking good with mayonnaise, tomato ketchup, and tartar dip. Most pizza places would give you ketchup and mayonnaise with it. You could also make a quick homemade mayonnaise and pair it with fries. 

French fries taste great when they are hot and crispy. You could go for small, medium, or large fries. Consider ordering a combo with medium fries – this will be sufficient for two people with an appetite. 

#2 Pepsi 

You would need Pepsi with your pizza. It’s sweet, fizzy, and delicious. Once in a while, you can enjoy Pepsi. It goes with a salty and cheesy pizza, especially the pepperoni one. 

All-dressed pizza is the best bet, so always order a combo. When you choose Double Pizza food delivery, you can get combos with fries, pizza, and Pepsi. These meals can satiate the cravings of 4-5 people. Make sure you order the two pizzas, two fries, and Pepsi combo for a family of four to five people. 

#3 Garlic bread 

People think pizzas are enough, but you can always order garlic bread with it. Garlic bread, Pepsi, and a cheesy pizza go really well. If you are thinking of ordering something this weekend, it has to be pizza with garlic bread. 

The hint of garlic and the buttery bread will make you supremely happy. 

#4 Fried Chicken 

In case you choose a pizza place like Double Pizza, you will find side dishes like fried chicken too. It’s a specialty. You can eat this with ketchup, mayonnaise, or just a cheesy dip. 

If fried chicken isn’t your thing, you could also go for chicken wings. Isn’t it comforting to eat chicken wings and fried chicken with loads of Pepsi? 

Concluding Thoughts 

Your meal isn’t going to be complete without desserts. So, you do have pizza for mains but order some side dishes and a yummy dessert. 

Choose Double Pizza as you will find lots of combo options! They will help you save lots of money and enjoy all kinds of side dishes and fizzy drinks. 

By Leo Patton

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