Ways to Prepare Wild-Caught Salmon 

Salmon is a beautiful and tasty fish and it comes from the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans. You can also find wild-caught salmon in many lakes around the world. Yes, salmon has a global presence which makes it a very popular pick. 

Wild-caught salmon is available easily, but getting quality salmon is essential. That’s precisely why we recommend wild caught salmon at PapaEarth.ca. 

Since people get wild-caught salmon at places like PapaEarth.ca, they don’t have to buy farm-raised salmon. 

Where does salmon come from? 

Salmon are usually born in freshwater bodies and they migrate to the ocean. Once it is time to spawn, these salmon return to their original water body for reproduction purposes. Salmon always return to the space they were raised or born in. 

How to spot fresh and delicious salmon? 

Salmon is not just a tasty fish; it looks surreal too. There are different kinds of fish in the world, salmon has a pink tinge. Why does it get a pink tinge? It’s due to their diet. They eat a lot of shrimp. Most of the wild-caught salmon will have a pinkish tinge and it is absolutely normal. 

Farm-raised salmon will have a pinkish tinge too but this would be because of the chemicals added. 

Prepping up Salmon Fish for Dinner 

Most people like the pinkish tinge of the salmon, but it is preferable to get wild-caught salmon. 

When you head out to buy salmon fish, stay away from packs that read, ‘Added colors.’ 

Once you’ve bought the high-quality wild-caught salmon, you should avoid boiling it. It is best to put it on the grill or pan-sear the fish. 

When you boil salmon, it loses its original flavor and tastes uncanny. 

Cooking the salmon on an open flame is ideal. The fish gets wholesome flavors, but you can also broil it. 

People also flake or shred the fish to make croquettes or salads. Salmon is such a versatile and tasty fish that you can use it in different kinds of dishes. 

The wild-caught salmon filet is easy to grill, smoke, and bake. Steaks will be much firmer, and you can serve them up with veggies, mashed potato, and other sides. 

Concluding Thoughts 

When you grill or bake a wild-caught salmon, you don’t need too many ingredients. Don’t mess with the natural flavor of salmon! 

It is best to keep it free from lots of spices or condiments. Just make sure you purchase it from a reliable place like Papa Earth. 

By Leo Patton
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